Friday, March 6, 2009

Spinach, Orange and Cranberry Salad

OK, so this recipe isn't "impressive," but if you're looking for ideas for something to eat...and you don't want to eat fat, and you're trying to cut might be interested in this. (Story of my life this year!) My brother Russell - my competitor in our "Biggest Loser" contest - gave me this idea. I eat this almost every day for lunch - or some variation of it!
All it is: spinach leaves, orange slices and dried cranberries. What? No Dressing? Yep, you actually don't need dressing if you get some fruit in each bite. Plus, the vitamin c from the oranges helps in the absorption of the iron from the spinach. (HA! I sound like I know what I'm talking about.)
If we had some kind of meat the night before for dinner, I'll sometimes slice it up and put a little on top...then I feel indulgent!
It actually is really yummy and I look forward to eating it!

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