Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

I found HUGE strawberries at Costco and made the BEST treat! (The picture above isn't of the ginormous berries, these were average size, but tasted great too!)

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

2 Tbs. Shortening
16 oz. Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Chips
1 lb. fresh strawberries
Toothpicks & Styrofoam

Wash strawberries, leaving the stems on. Dry thoroughly - they can't be wet at all.
Melt the shortening in the top of a double-boiler.
(Or, do what I did and put about 2 inches of water in a pot. Put a glass bowl so it fits over the top of the pan, but doesn't touch the water. Put the Shortening, etc. in the glass bowl. Bring the water to just a boil, then turn it off or keep it on low. If it gets too hot, it will ruin the consistency. You can turn the heat on occasionally as you're dipping strawberries to keep the chocolate melty.)
Add the chocolate and stir constantly until the chocolate is melted.

Push a toothpick in the green stem of the strawberry. Dip strawberry into the chocolate. Place toothpick into Styrofoam. Strawberry will be upside-down, which allows it to dry perfectly. If you're not serving them right away, place the Styrofoam with the dipped strawberries in the fridge to allow everything to stay cold.
Take strawberries out of fridge about 30 minutes before serving.
The chocolate is such a great texture. It doesn't all break off as you bite into the strawberry, which is the comment I got most when I served these - besides "These are SOOOOOO good!"

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