Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hard Boiled Eggs

When we were first married, I was making deviled eggs. I had helped my Mom make them, so I wasn't completely inexperienced in boiling eggs!

I had the eggs cooking in the pot and all of a sudden, I heard a small chirping sound. I looked at the pot in surprise. Surely that sweet baby chick sound couldn't be coming from inside there!
I heard it again...and then again.

I followed the sound and sure enough, one of my little boiling eggs had a baby chick in it (I was just sure of it). I quickly turned off the stove and contemplated my options: I could crack open the eggs - but what would I find? A partially boiled baby chick? And what would I do with whatever it was that I found? And how many eggs would I have to ruin before I found the 'chirping' one?- or I could throw them out; or I could keep cooking them - surely there wasn't an actual chick in one of my eggs. Oh, what to do...what to do?!

I figured it was just my imagination and turned on the stove again. As the water started to boil, there came that sweet little chick's chirps again crying out to me for mercy. I called my husband at work - surely he would know what to do.

Big mistake. He laughed, his co-workers laughed, and I laughed too (so they would be laughing with me, not at me ;)

"That's not even possible," he told me, "one of the eggs must have a crack in it and that is just the sound of air escaping."

Well, that sounded logical! Why didn't I think of that?

To erase the smallest doubt still in my mind, I raised each egg with a spoon to my ear. When I found the culprit, I examined it all over. Sure enough, there was the small crack with with itty bitty water bubbles coming out of it.

Phew! No little baby chicken half boiled to death crying out to me for help. What a relief!

To this day, every time I boil eggs, I remember this incident and I have to smile to myself and shake my head! Silly, Silly girl! :)

(Honest, it really did sound like a little chirping chick!)

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  1. Okay, good, I'm not insane. It DOES sound like chirping. My first thought was actually that it was air escaping but it sounded SO LIKE a baby chirp that I started to freak out a little at the possibilities. So thanks, I won't go cracking open that egg and freaking out. (I was scared to find a half dead chick - traumatizing!) :D