Monday, November 8, 2010

Bobby Jack "Cake"

Noelle wanted a Bobby Jack cake, except she didn't want it to be a cake, she wanted it to be a brownie. So, I made brownies (from a box) in a round cake pan and just put them on top of one another. I put a layer of vanilla frosting down and decorated on top of that. I had all kind of ideas on how I was going to make the monkey, but the morning of her birthday - when I was decorating the cake - my internet died and I had to improvise. I got a shirt of hers that had him on it and did my best. I think he turned out pretty good! He is made from Tootsie Rolls and Caramels. I softened them in the microwave for 8 seconds which made them moldable. The guitar, the number 9 and his tongue are made of Starburst candies which I softened and molded the same way. His eyes are Wint-O-Green mints with Tootsie Rolls.

She exclaimed that it was her favorite cake EVER!

Without realizing it, I made him match her party tableware and decorations!

We served the brownie with vanilla ice cream and there was NOTHING left on the kids' plates at the end - which isn't usually the case with cake! Maybe Noelle is onto something with this whole brownie idea!

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